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    Naadam Festival 2015 Program

    Naadam Festival 2015

    Naadam Festival 2015 will be held from Friday July 10th to Sunday July 12th to celebrate the anniversary of the Mongolian revolution of 1921. This festival is the biggest traditional event in Mongolia, during which the three major contests occur : Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and archery.

    Of course, the most important festival takes place in Ulaanbaatar, but many Naadams are organized through Mongolia.

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    Travelling in Mongolia when you are vegetarian

    Vegetarians, before undertaking a trip in the vast steppes of Mongolia, are often and understandably, worried about what they will find in their plates during their tour. So here comes our little survival guide, in order to enjoy your journey at best and feel carefree by being vegetarian in Mongolia. Continue reading

    Top 10 Things to do and see in Mongolia

    Mongolia is one of the last remaining unspoiled destinations in the world. The variety of the landscapes composing it, only matches their majesty: craggy mountains with dense forests in the north, through the central plains and the arid deserts of the south… It is a land where culture, history and landscapes are inextricably linked, where the nomads still wander in the vast steppes as they used to during the time of Genghis Khan, and where the hospitality of their inhabitants is well known. Continue reading