Getting an extension of stay

    Since 2014 travellers don’t need visa to come to Mongolia. But those who want to stay in Mongolia between 30 and 60 days must ask the immigration office for an extension of stay. This is the procedure near the immigration office. So you’re adviced to ask the extension stay within the first days following your arrival, even if we noticed that the immigration office is getting less and less strict towards latecomers and if you should not have problems to get your extension even if you ask it too late. Continue reading

    Driving in Ulan Bator: 8 things to know!

    Driving in a foreign country, especially in a congested city as Ulan Bator, can be a real challenge. Summon your patience, buckle down, and read this little survival guide to understand how Mongolian people drive and manage to weave in and out in the traffic of the sprawling Mongolian capital.

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    Mongolia changes to summer time

    This weekend, overnight between Friday and Saturday, Mongolia changed to summer time. Contrary to Europe or the United States, it’s a real novelty here, or let’s rather say that it’s the putting back of what existed nine years ago. Last time Mongolia changed to summer time was in 2006… and 2015! Continue reading

    The myth of Olgoi Khorkhoi

    Frank Herbert, the author of Dune, has not invented anything! We all remember the big sand worms of this science fiction saga. Mongolia has nothing to be ashamed of in comparison to it, since it has its own big worm: the olgoi khorkhoi, which means “large intestine worm”. Continue reading

    Horseback’s new year

    Horseback team new year 2015

    As each year, a great part of Horseback’s family joined to celebrate the new year together. The party was held in Tuul restaurant, in the centre of Ulan Bator. 86 of us joined, and among us, several nomads families that came in town especially for this occasion Continue reading

    Mongolian traditions and gifts

    There are two types of gifts in Mongolian tradition: “open-mouth gifts” and “closed-mouth gifts”.

    Open-mouth gifts are opened on top, like a cup, a bag, etc. Mongolians really like these gifts because they symbolise prosperity. Continue reading

    Little gifts for your hosts

    Make a present to your hosts

    During a trip, it’s not always easy to know if you can make a gift to the persons you meet or not, especially if the standards of living between them and you are very different. Moreover, making gifts to local inhabitants can create expectation or even begging. Continue reading

    5 most consumed traditional drinks of Mongolia

    Les boissons en Mongolie

    Travelling is going to discover another culture and different ways of life. With this in mind, tasting the culinary specialities of a country is a real part of the travel. While travellers often worry about food, they forget drinks. Yet, Mongolians have many specialities the traveller can taste all along his/her stay. This is a little list.

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