What's going on in Mongolia for 2016 ?

Now that you know more about Mongolia and if you have been following us for a while, you should be aware of the rich...
Jan 21 2016

10 favorite restaurants in Ulan Bator

Since 2003 when I first discovered Mongolia, the offer of restaurants and quality increased drastically in the capital...
Jan 20 2016

The 10 must-see monuments in Ulan Bator

Ulan Bator is a great city with a rich history of 376 years. Wherever you go, you will encounter some beautiful old and...
Jan 15 2016

#Hogbucketchallenge to clean Mongolia!

Everyone knows about the nowadays "Ice Bucket Challenge", made famous on social medias like Facebook or Youtube. Young...
Jan 12 2016

Celebrating the New Year in Mongolia

Just like for most countries, the first of January is a day off in Mongolia, giving opportunities for most people to...
Jan 07 2016

Genghis Khan: barbarian or hero?

Often depicted as a barbarian and a bloodthirsty leader, creating an empire accross Eurasian continent and damaging cities on his way, Genghis Khan was it that real barbarian or...
Jan 05 2016

A winter in Mongolia: 10 things to do

The cold strikes the capital, which is said to be the coldest of the world. And in this month of December here you are,...
Dec 24 2015

Mongolia to abolish death penalty

Mongolia is now becoming the 105th country to abolish death penalty, after a vote at the State Great Khural, Mongolia's parliament and an extended debate. This will officially be...
Dec 16 2015

Transportation in Mongolia

Get to different locations in Mongolia is not an easy task, especially when knowing that it does not have a very wide network of roads within its borders. However, it does exit...
Dec 11 2015

Coming to Mongolia? Information about the visas

Willing to travel to Mongolia? A lot of possibilities are offered to you, either you are coming for travelling, or...
Nov 16 2015


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