The magic of the Mongolian west

On the borders of Central Asia, Kazakh peoples live in harmony with their ancestral customs. Snowy peaks, glaciers, pristine lakes and lush valleys, the Mongolian Altai is one of the most remote parts of the World. A circuit alternating days of discovery by jeep and hikes, for those wishing to explore the west at a moderate pace.

Day 1Arrival in Ulan Bator and visit of the city

  • Arrival at the airport, meeting with our driver. Transfer to your hotel, settling in, and rest.

  • Appointment at 12 o'clock at your hotel with your guide. He will take you to the restaurant of your choice.

  • Let's immerse ourselves in the heart of the Mongolian history, in the wonderful National History Museum. Three floors of a rich, glorious, violent and noble past, from prehistory to Soviet period, including the creation of the great Mongolian Empire by Genghis Khan.

  • Walk in the centre of Ulan-Bator. Discovery of Gengis Khan Square and the House of Parliament.

  • At 18 o' clock, Mongolian traditional show at Tumen Ekh: folkloric dances, contortion, and of course khoomi, the overtone singing.

1h 30m - 1500km

Day 2Flight to the Mongolian Far West

Ulan Bator - Khovd

  • We leave the hectic Mongolian capital to embark on our inner flight to Khovd.

  • Khovd was an important commercial centre located North of the silk road, that had forged links with Russia and China. In 1763, the Manchu administration made build the fortress of Sangiin Kherem. 3-metres (9,84 feet) high and 2-metres (6,56 feet) wide walls enclosed the city that covered an area of 4 hectares. Today, the province of Khovd houses 18 Mongolian ethnic groups.

    Visit of the local market.

  • Walk on the banks of Lake Khar Us, Southeast of the city.

Breakfast: Hotel Nine
Lunch: Local restaurant
Dinner: Local restaurant
Accommodation: Khovd Tsambagarav

Day 3 - 5Trekking in Tsambagarav mounts

Khovd - Tsambagarav mounts

  • We drive until Tavan Belchir Mount, whose name means "the five pastures". The mount is located North from Tsambagarav mounts, whose snow-covered peaks culminate at 4195 metres (2,61 miles) above the sea level. Many minorities live in this area, such as Uriankhai and Kazakhs.

  • 4, 5

    From Tavan Belchir, we start a 2-days trek in the valleys of Tsambagarav National Park. We'll meet Kazakh and Uriankhai nomads (Mongolian ethnies living in West of the country). We'll meet a Kazakh falconer who will show us his eagle.
    From Northwest of Tsambagarav mountains, we go closer to the snow-covered summits. View on the glacier.

Breakfast: Khovd Tsambagarav (3)
Breakfast: Made by your team (4, 5)
Lunch: Made by your team
Dinner: made by the family
3h 30m - 130km

Day 6Olgi, in the heart of Kazakh

Tsambagarav mounts - Olgii

  • We arrive in the capital of Bayan-Ölgii province that is located in the most Western part of Mongolia and that is the farthest city from any ocean in the world. Olgii is located at 1636 km (1,02 mile) from Ulan-Bator, at 1710 metres (1,06 mile) above the sea level. Principally Kazakhs live there and its atmosphere is very influenced by Central Asia: many signs written in Arabic, mosques and their cupolas pricked up to the sky.

  • Visit of Olgii Museum that shows an exhibition about the fauna and flora of the area. We discover the Kazakh culture, notably with traditional costumes and with a Kazakh yurt built in the museum.

Breakfast: Made by your team
Lunch: Local restaurant
Accommodation: Baavgain khondii camp
45m - 30km
5h 45m - 190km

Day 7Hunting with a falconer and its golden eagle

Olgii - Sagsai

  • In the morning, we drive towards the village of Sagsai where we will encounter a Kazakh falconer. We will assist to this art, with few hunting demonstrations (animal skin tied to a cord). Lunch with the family.

Sagsai - Syrgaal area

  • We drive until the Sirgaal area. This very remote area, separated from China by high snowy summits, has the two beautiful lakes Khoton and Khurgan where the Khovd River has its source.

Lunch: Countryside home stay
Dinner: made by the family
Accommodation: CHS kazakh

Day 8Hike in the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

Syrgaal area - Khurgan lake

  • From our camp, we'll go hiking along the banks of the Khurgan lake, a mountain lake surrounded by glacial moraines, the second largest in the National Park.

Breakfast: Made by your team
Lunch: Made by your team
Dinner: made by the family
Accommodation: CHS kazakh
6h - 24km
Turgen waterfalls

Day 9Discovery of the Turgen Waterfalls

Syrgaal area - Turgen waterfalls

  • Again from the camp of our hosts, we will hit the road for a second day of discovery. This new hike will take us near the Chinese border, where we'll walk along the Baga Turgen river until reaching its waterfall, 40 meters high.

Breakfast: Made by your team
Lunch: Made by your team
Dinner: made by the family
Accommodation: CHS kazakh
5h 30m - 180km
Zagast nuur

Day 10In the Northern part of the Altai Bogd

Syrgaal area - Zagast nuur

  • Long journey on the dirt road through the breathtaking scenery of the Altai. We ride along the Mogoyt river before reaching the Black Lake. The landscape become more and more mountainous. Last pass before arriving on the banks of the white river (Tsagaan Gol)

  • 10

    Get settled in a farming family near Zagast nuur, where we will stay 2 nights.

Breakfast: Made by your team
Lunch: Made by your team
Dinner: Yurt for guests with a family
Zagast nuur

Day 11Trek until Shiveet Khairkhan

Zagast nuur - Shiveet Khairkhan

  • Day of hiking on the Mounts Shiveet Maikhan, region populated by the Tuva, shamanic peoples for whom the mountain is sacred. Since hunting is here banned, we can see plenty Argali. We'll also have the chance to observe in the region protohistoric statues and Turkish tombs from the Bronze age.

  • Visit the site of Tsagaan salaa. On 15 kilometres (9,32 miles), we can observe about 10000 rock paintings on the rocks that cover the southern bank of white river, "Tsagaan Gol".

  • 11

    Get settled in a farming family near Zagast nuur, where we will stay 2 nights.

Breakfast: Made by your team
Lunch: Made by your team
Dinner: Yurt for guests with a family
6h 30m - 220km

Day 12Track to Olgii

Shiveet Khairkhan - Olgii

  • With regret, we leave the breeders who escorted us during these eight wonderful riding days in postcard landscapes. We find the track again (harsh in this place) and drive back to the capital of province : Olgii.

  • We settle ourselves in a Kazakh yurts camp, where we'll enjoy a certain comfort.

Breakfast: Made by your team
Lunch: Made by your team
Accommodation: Baavgain khondii camp
2h - 1700km

Day 13Return flight to Ulan Bator

Olgii - Ulan Bator

  • Arrival in town and transfer to your hotel where you can rest a few moments.

  • Rest of the day free. With our guide, you can go and shop in the centre of the city.

Lunch: Picnic from the camp
Accommodation: Hotel Nine
Flight back

Day 14Have a nice journey and see you soon !

  • Breakfast at the hotel. We go with you to the international airport of Ulan Bator. The transfer can be organized at the time you want, according to the schedule of your flight.

duration 14 days. International flight not included.

from 1550€ (per person)

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