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The cooperative Ar Arvidjin Delgerekh

The cooperative Ar Arvidjin Delgerekh

The cooperative was founded in 2006 at the suggestion of the French NGO AVSF (Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières) and of groups of breeders with whom the AVSF has been working since 2004. Today more than 900 families have joined the association. Four employees including a veterinary settle and coordinate the activities according to needs and interests of its members: disinfestation programs, remunerative activities, market gardening, fodder plants culture, representation of breeders near regional and national public services.

Tourist project between Horseback Advendure and the yaks breeders cooperative Ar Arvidjin Delgerekh

The aim of the cooperative is to promote and commercialize its sleeping bags made with yak skin to reference textile industries, until Europe. This new production opens very important prospects for the whole actors. Breeders highlight their art with prices ranges corresponding to quality; they can diversify their incomes and stabilise their situation; the future of traditions and the interest of youngest ones can go together.

The NGO AVSF has supported the project since 2004, providing its professional farmers and breeders: technical and financial assistance, training, access of local markets to sustainable market. AVSF also trains local breeders to veterinary cares, and works with them on the sustainable gestion of the ressources, and on the transformation and commercialization of their products. This cooperative was born and is still developing, thanks to AVSF and the yaks breeders federation.

The cooperative became the Mongolian ambassador of this precious material that has real values such as delicacy, softness, its geographic origins and quality.

Horseback and the yaks breeders cooperative:

In 2012, we settled a tourist project bound to breeders of the cooperative in Arkhangai. The idea was to propose to families to host travellers during one or several days, in order to make them discover the nomadic way of life, craft work, local products, and to make them take part in their daily life. It was a way to support the cooperative and to highlight the local craft work of nomad families.

In effects, outside Ulan Bator, it's more and more difficult to find families that still work with felt, wood, wools. The craft work is no longer passed on to new generations and little by little traditions get forgotten... Proposing immersion and discovery travels, Horseback Adventure, Ar Arvidjin Delgerekh, and the yaks breeders federation take part in highlighting and passing down the local craft work of nomads and breeders of Arkhangai. As regards remuneration, besides the normal payment for accomodation, food and activities, the cooperative receives 30% of the cost of the stay in order to finance its own projects.

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