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Anja gers camp

Located in Kharkhorin, the former imperial city of the Mongol Empire, Anja Yurts Camp hosts you in a warm atmosphere.

This small, clean, warm camp hosts you in one of its 13 yurts decorated in a perfect blend between traditional elements and modernity. Beds are large and comfortable, and you will be 2 or 3 persons per yurt. 4 showers and 4 dry toilets are at the service of the customer. You'll also find a wifi access point.

The camp is perfect for a little gourmet break. The meals are the strong point of the camp. The restaurant is located in a large yurt that can welcome up to 30 persons. The food mixes Mongolian and French tastes, and is composed of vegetables freshly picked in the vegetable gardens and greenhouses of the camp.

Wine list and quality coffees.

For your relaxing times, you can go for a short walk on the hill of the historical monument dedicated to the Mongol Empire, from where you'll enjoy a wonderful view on Orkhon Valley, that is inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List.

This is an unpretentious, family, quiet and clean camp that proposes good food, and all that for a sweet price - the finest kind of camp ! Our choice in Kharkhorin.

To know more about the camp and its services, please visit their page here.

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