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Munkhtenger camp

Munkhtenger Yurts Camp is located 1 kilometre Southeast from Kharkhorin, in the Orkhon Valley National Park. It opened in 2006 and is medium sized. It can host 66 persons. The equipment works very well, notably the 4 water closets and the 8 showers. The camp has a large yurt that houses a 80-persons restaurant and the kitchen, and a concrete building for water closets and showers. The electricity grid and the GSM grid cover the camp. Free wifi.


  • 4 yurts with 2 beds in each one
  • 5 semi-luxurious yurts with 2 beds in each one
  • 16 standard yurts with 3-4 beds in each one
  • a 80-persons restaurant, that can host 40 spectators for the traditional shows
  • open-air games

Possible activities

  • Pony trek
  • Traditional shows
  • Massages (well-being and treatment)

Among the several possibilities of accomodation in Kharkhorin, Munkhtenger pleasantly stands out from the crowd, proposing comfortable, prettily decorated, yurts. The staff is lovely and the service is high-quality. This is the perfect choice for those who're searching an accomodation of a upper category, because it's not the cheapest camp of the area.

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