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Ogii gers camp

Ogii Ger Camp is located on the banks of Lake Ögii, in the sum of Ogiinuur, province of Arkhangai, 390 kilometres (242,33 miles) West Ulan Bator. The camp exists since 2010. It's a choice accomodation on the banks of the lake.


The camp has 25 traditional yurts and can house up to 60 persons.

The restaurant is in a wooden chalet and can welcome 150 persons. In full pension, it serves traditional dishes from Europe and Asia, without menu. Thanks to its choice location by the lake, it can serve fresh fish right caught in the lake. If you wish, you can order beforehand traditional barbecues ("khorkhog" or "boodog").

Warm showers and occidental water closets are at the service of the customers. GSM network coverage.


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