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Dog sledding

Looking for a thrilling experience during wintertime! Let’s slide on the snowy Mongolian land with its frozen rivers and lakes at the back of a sled pulled by Alaskans and Greenland dogs. Accompanied by our musher Joel, two areas are unveiled: Terelj National Park and further North on the Khövsgöl lake. This activity is an outdoor journey, which doesn’t require any physical fitness, but just an eagerness for adventure, where the choice is given to you to take care of your hounds, feed them, put the harness and prepare the equipment. Our musher with 20 year-experience, will give you the guidelines and some tips to live your Mongolian trip at best! Also an opportunity to meet with the nomads and relax in a warm yurt at night, around a traditional meal.

Joel’s tips: “The most of the trip, is the link you will bound with your dogs. Don’t be shy to cheer them up or even pad them. They’ll give it to you back.”


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