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Naran Tuul Market

The Naran Tuul market is the great traditional market of the capital known also under the name of “Black market”. Located on the east side of the city, this market impresses by its stretch and kaleidoscopic atmosphere. Reputed for having plentiful products at low-cost, Naran Tuul attract as many city-dwellers as nomads, who come to get material supplies. The market is divided into different sections, for which one part is outdoor and is dedicated to bigger furniture such as couch, beds, and equipment for the gers. Anything can be found but essentially traditional Mongolian items needed for the daily life: traditional clothing, cashmere, boots, and saddles… A true immersion in the Mongolian culture for the ones desiring to discover another side of Mongolia. To get there, you can catch either a bus, which requires to be able to read Cyrillic, or a taxi, which will cost you around 4000 tugrik, from the city center. If you decide to go by walk, it will take you approximately 40minutes. We highly recommend our tourists to leave their valuable belonging to their hotel, at risk to be robbed by the numerous pickpockets. If you go with our guide, you can always try to drop the price and go back home with a unique memorabilia.

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