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Rafting in Mongolia is an expedition on its own!

Opening your mind to new challenges and experiences, you will have the chance to see remote areas of Mongolia that only few have been to.

Together with the permanent contact of the water as being held by the current, the experience is unique and will provide you with great sensations throughout the journey. The concept here is to enjoy the moment, mother nature and finishing the days camping outdoors in tents, with all the best quality equipment existing. That does not mean you will remain in your comfort zone, and depending on the speed of the rapids, you will have your dose of challenges!

We partnered on this adventure with: Gregg Mikolasek from , organizer of such amazing adventures for many years. Together with his great experience of the waters of the North and our presence online, we are able to provide the best package, between adventure and comfort, sport and relaxation in the best remote locations of the country.

What is more important than a journey of a lifetime, and having this feeling of accomplishment for all the challenges that the wild rapids will provide, and at the same time being the only one in the area enjoying the best preserved natural spots on the planet?

During our tour, you will be joined by:

  • Gregg Mikolasek: An American Project Manager and Tour Organizer
  • Ganerdene “Gana” Yuljinsenge: Your Professional Mongolian Guide, English speaker.

Both are trained to manage groups of adventurers, and know the best Mongolian terrain. We will always recommend to follow their judgment/instinct, especially regarding safety matters.

  • Another vehicle that carries all the necessary equipment

As Gregg love to say: "We think the adventure is an important part of the experience, so expect your boots to get muddy!"


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