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tumen ekh traditional show

Tumen Ekh group was founded in 1989 and strives towards the aim of developing the Mongolian traditional arts and the culture of the country, near the local and international public. The group won many rewards all across the world and is famous for the quality of its show that combines professionalism and respect of Mongolian traditional culture.

The group is composed of several artists that practise several arts : Mongolian singing, music, and dancing. You will see :

  • Concerts with traditional musical instruments, included morin khuur (vielle with a horse head) ;
  • Traditional singing, notably long drawn songs, or tuuli ;
  • Dancing shows, notably the ritual dance of the shaman, and the dance of the masks called "tsam dance".

The Mongolian music expresses immensity, freedom and life in harmony with nature. Tumen Ekh group is one of the best groups of popular art, because they manage to share the traditional music with the whole world. The group travelled in more than 40 countries in order to show the unique, dynamic and surprising arts of Mongolia. They notably performed at the World Music Centre of New York, at the Kennedy Centre of Washington DC, and at Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom.

With Tumen Ekh’s show, you will enter for a while the deep heart of popular culture of Mongolia.

How to go there

Tumen Ekh plays in a small theatre located about 500 metres (1640,42 feet) South Genghis Khan Square. Walk towards Peace Bridge. Right before walking on the bridge, turn on the left. Ten metres (32,81 feet) away, pass under the arch on your left. You’re in a large enclosure, and the theatre is right on your left.

In summer, the show takes place every day from 18 to 19. Unfortunately, in winter, the shows are rarer and a bit random.


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