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The Bayanzurkh "black mountain"

Bayanzurkh, known as the "black mountain" is located 27km away from the city of Sainshand, Dornogobi Province, in the South-East part of Mongolia.

As high as 1031 meters, it is not a very high mountain for Mongolia, but it is a sacred place usually visited by Mongolian people. It used to be called the "tomb mountain" since the 3rd highest lama of the Gobi - Jamiyandanzan - has been buried on its foot. Several temples have been built there to honor his memory. The Mongolian believe that the lama is still living here today and helping them. As a consequence, the mountain became a sacred place and a pilgrimage destination.

Today we can find many stupas and ovoos built all around and on top of the mountain. From its very top, you can have a beautiful view over the region of Sainshand, and even spot the Transsiberian train that links Ulan Bator to the border of China.


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