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Khamba monastery

”The Lama Erdene Monastery”, Erdene Khambiin Khiid, is located at the foot of Khögnö Khan Mountain and dates from the 17th century. It is also sometimes called Ovgon Monastery. Zanabazar built it in honour of his teacher, the lama Erdene; it was one of the sanctuaries he liked most. At its height, the monastery was able to house more than one thousand lamas at the same time.

Today the monastery doesn’t work anymore, but once or twice a month, some lamas come and do religious ceremonies.

Legend bound to Khamba Monastery

In 1688, the king Galdan Boshigt (Western Mongolia) went into discord with Zanabazar (Central Mongolia) because he didn’t want to submit to Manchus. The argument turns into a war during which the king tries to kill Zanabazar. When he arrives at Khögnö Tarinii Khiid, he can’t find him. His rage leads him to chop the lamas’ head off. In the Mongolian language, this putting to death is called ”Khögnö”, which inspired the name of the place.

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