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Taikhar rock

Taikhar Rock is located 22 kilometres (14 miles) northeast from Tsetserleg, in the village of Ikh Tamir, south the Khoid Tamir River. It’s a big 20-metres (66 feet) high granite rock, covered with 150 writings in many different languages and dating back from many different periods (runic, Sogd, Uyghur, Mongolian, Nangiad, Tibetan writings). The oldest one is the runic writing, dating back from the turkish period of the 6th and 7th centuries. An ovoo was placed at its top. Unfortunately, there are many graffiti on this rock and the old writings almost disappeared. The government decided to protect the rock in 1994.


The most famous legend bound to Taikhar rock tells that Bukhbilegt, a giant warrior, threw this rock on a snake that was coming out from the land, which explains its strange presence in this place.

Another local legend tells that this rock symbolizes the love of two unfortunate lovers. Tamir loved a girl, Taikhar, but the local lord, who wanted to marry the beautiful Taikhar, prevented their love. So the girl ran away towards the river and her lover sat near the river to wait for her to come back. But the wait was endless and Tamir ended up becoming a rock, standing along the river for eternity, with no possibility ever to meet up with his love again.

Locals also believe that anyone manage to throw a stone on the top of the rock, will get rich.


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