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Achit lake

The Achit lake or Achit Nuur, is the largest source of freshwater in Uvs Province, located in the north-west part of Mongolia, in the Altai Range. This natural barrier is in fact the border between the Provinces of Uvs and Bayan-Ölgii. The lake itself is frozen from November until May, and as a consequence of consecutive droughts the past recent years, the level of its waters is lower. This particular place sits between 2 mountains, at around 1435m above see level. It is the birth of different streams and rivers like The Tsagaan, Khatuugiin, Bukhmurun and Uliastai rivers. A particular path is designed to be restricted, playing the role of natural reserve, between the lake, Khovd river and Dewel Island nearby. This protected area forbids the presence of establishment, and as such, only nomadic activities and recreational ones are allowed. In winter time, small scale commercial fishing activities occur, but are controlled by local authorities. This is an ideal breeding place for wildlife, with a great diversity of mammals, fish and birds. Even endemic fish have been found at the Achit Lake. Also endangered species have been found here, like the swan goose or the pallas’s fish eagle that are specific to the region between Southeastern Russia, Mongolia and Northern Chinese territories. Even some beavers, known as the Mongolian Castor have been reintroduced in the region and now live successfully to Dewel island.

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