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Bayan Nuur Lake

This beautiful fresh water lake is located at the north of the Bor Khyariin Els sand dune, with a 59km shoreline (36 miles). Seen from the sky, it takes after the shape of a camel. The length of the lake itself is about 14km (8miles), for a width of 8,3km (5.2miles). Generally, this lake is considered small compared to the ones found in the region. Yet, deep one with 50m depth. During winter the surface freezes up to 1,3m (4.2 feet) deep. On contrary, its water is quite warm during summer time with an average temperature of 18 to 21°C (64 to 69 °F). Many springs flow in to the river Khungi Uul. A small grove is found at the south side between the lake, Bor Khyariin Els. Canyons are also part of the region, on the north side of the lake, hidden among the Temeen Khuzuu, Ulaan Shanaa and Serven cliffs.


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