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Khermen Tsav

In the Gobi, natural miracles are countless and one of them is named Khermen Tsav, a wonderful canyon made of red mud rocks. The spectacular rocky formations of Khermen Tsav are located North the sum of Gurvantes, in the extreme Northwest of the province of Omnogovi, between Mount Sharig at North and Mount Altan at South.

Khermen means "wall" and Tsav means "fissure". Thousand of years of erosion formed this majestic canyon, in which rocks are balanced 30 metres (98,43 feet) above ground. The canyon stretches on 250 square kilometres (96,53 square miles), and is 200 metres (656,17 feet) deep, but between the lowest point and the highest one, there is a difference in height of 1000 metres (0,62 mile). The colours are a gradation of reds and will delight the photographers.

The first dinosaur skeleton was found in that place. The scientists agree that 200 millions years ago, the place was covered with an inner sea. The American archaeologist Roy Chapman Andrews named this place "The end of the World". Khermen Tsav is famous for its natural beauties, as well as for its bountiful underground fossils of dinosaurs. Besides it's not unusual to find some in the place. At the foot of these sand cliffs, the ground is fully covered with saxauls.

From Dalanzadgad, you'll have to drive on 400 kilometres (248,55 miles) on one of the worst tracks of the Gobi. This very isolated area is located on none of the classical tourist tours, but the reward deserves the efforts: you'll be alone in a scene worthy of the American great canyons.


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