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Khovd City is the capital of the province of Khovd. It’s located at 1405 metres (4610 feet) above the sea level in the Buyant River’s valley, at the foothills of Mount Yamaat Ulaan. It has about 28000 inhabitants, among them many ethnic minorities: Öölds, Khalkhs, Zakhchins, Torguuds, Uriankhais, Myangads, Dörvöds, Bayads, Kazakhs, Chantuus (Uzbeks) and Üzemchins.

There are 1400 kilometres (870 miles) between Khovd and the capital of the country, Ulan Bator. The journey between the two cities takes about 40 hours. There is also a regular air link; the flight lasts about 2.30 hours.

The time difference between Khovd and Ulan Bator is one hour.


Khan Galdan Boshogtu from Dzungaria founded the city in the 17th century. Initially, it was located on the banks of the Khovd River, in the actual sum of Erdenebüren. The inhabitants earned their skills from the prisoners come from Central Asia and Xinjiang (mainly Muslim farmers) and agriculture developed around the city.

After 1757 and the destruction of the Dzungar Khanate, the Qing administration moved the city on the banks of the Buyant River.

The 7th of August 1912, the Mongolian troops, under the common leadership of Manlai Baatur Damdinsuren, Khatanbaatar Magsarjav, and Ja Lama Dambiijantsan, took possession of the city, destroyed the Mandchu and Chinese garrisons, and abolished the Qing power.


Khovd has a desert and cold climate, with long harsh winters, and short warm summers. It rains very little, mainly during the summer months.

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