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Sakura Bakery

Looking for variety? Why not trying Sakura Bakery, the “Japanese touch” in the Mongolian capital. It doesn’t look fancy from outside, yet once you have succeeded to get over the queue, the atmosphere will surround you. The premises, although tiny, will immerse you in the japamania, with the numerous mangas exhibited on the shelters. You might say “sushis”?, well, my dear friends, at risk to deceive the amateurs of sashimi, here we are dealing with the true Japanese cuisine. The dishes are Japanese guaranteed not only because of the specific menu, but also because the chef comes straight away from the Land of the rising Sun. The set menu is quite simple, but authentic: chicken and pork cutlet and fried chicken meals; teriyaki; udon; miso soup… The set menu comes with a bowl of rice, a salad and miso soup. And for the ones, who have a sweet tooth, be aware that Sakura is also famous for its flavorful cakes.

If these few lines have convinced you to visit Sakura bakery, you will find them on Beatles avenue, on the way from Department store to the Circus. In terms of price, expects 7000Tugric for one set menu that is to say around 3USD.

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