Nomadic lifestyle
Births in the steppe

A stay among nomads in Arkhangai organized especially during the period of birth of the animals, from mid-March to May. You'll take part in all the nomadic activities bound to the births with several families of Arkhangai.

A stay prepared and organized in cooperation with AVSF and the Ar Arvidjin Delgerekh cooperative, respecting the habits of a __ fair and sustainable tourism__.

Day 1Arrival at Ulan Bator and visit of the city

  • Arrival at the airport, meeting with our driver. Transfer to your hotel, settling in, and rest.

  • Appointment at 12 o'clock at your hotel with your guide. He will take you to the restaurant of your choice.

  • Let's immerse ourselves in the heart of the Mongolian history, in the wonderful National History Museum. Three floors of a rich, glorious, violent and noble past, from prehistory to Soviet period, including the creation of the great Mongolian Empire by Genghis Khan.

  • Walk in the centre of Ulan-Bator. Discovery of Gengis Khan Square and the House of Parliament.

  • At 18 o' clock, Mongolian traditional show at Tumen Ekh: folkloric dances, contortion, and of course khoomi, the overtone singing.

4h 30m - 280km

Day 2On the way to mini-Gobi

Ulan Bator - Khogno Khan

  • Visit of Gandantegchinlen Monastery. In the morning, lamas get together to pray. They will answer your questions at the Mongolian Buddhist Centre.

  • We arrive at the splendid rocky formations of Khogno Khan. Discovery of the park : semidesert steppes, taiga, stunning rocky formations, 80-kilometre (49,71 miles) long sand dunes, are characteristic of this arid area nicknamed "Mini-Gobi".

  • Pony trek until Erdene Khambiin Monastery. "Monk Erdene's Monastery" dates from 17th century and was built in the mountain. Zanabazar built it in honour of his teacher, monk Erdene.

Breakfast: 2 stars hotel
Lunch: Made by your team
Dinner: made by the family
3h - 185km
Tsagaan Sum hot springs

Day 3Hot baths in hot springs

Khogno Khan - Tsagaan Sum hot springs

  • Arrival at Tsagaan Sum hot springs, to rest at a family homestay, and from where you can lounge in the hot springs of the near camp.

Breakfast: Made by your team
Lunch: Made by your team
Dinner: made by the family
Tsagaan Sum hot springs
2h - 100km
3h - 120km

Day 4 - 5Birth and combing out the animals

Tsagaan Sum hot springs - Tsetserleg

  • Stop at Tsetserleg, small lovely village nested in mountains of larches. We'll buy fresh supplies at the local market and visit Zayan Gegeen Museum.

Tsetserleg - Ondor Ulaan

Day 5

  • During our stay, we attend many nomadic activities that take place during this period of the year : births of the animals, combing out, and making Mongolian traditional dishes.

Breakfast: Made by your team (4)
Breakfast: Made by your team (5)
Lunch: Local restaurant (4)
Lunch: made by the family (5)
Dinner: made by the family
6h - 200km
Khangai - Myagmar family

Day 6Among yaks breeders in Khangai

Ondor Ulaan - Khangai - Myagmar family

  • We take the road to the sum of Khangai, extreme Northwest of the province of Arkhangai, in the mountains of Khangai.

  • We join Myagmar, a yaks breeder belonging to Ar Arvijin Delgerekh cooperative.

  • Living with nomads and discovering the activities bound to the birth of animals, notably babies yaks.

Breakfast: Made by your team
Lunch: Made by your team
Dinner: made by the family
Khangai - Myagmar family
6h - 30km
Khangai - Erdenebat family

Day 7 - 8Hiking in Khangai

Khangai - Myagmar family - Khangai - Erdenebat family

Day 8

  • Nomadic activities : giving birth and combing out the animals.

Breakfast: Made by your team
Lunch: Made by your team (7)
Lunch: made by the family (8)
Dinner: made by the family
Khangai - Erdenebat family
2h - 60km
Khangai - Bayasgalan family

Day 9Making the dairy products

Khangai - Erdenebat family - Khangai - Bayasgalan family

  • We drive to join Bayasgalan and his family, another family belonging to the cooperative. Journey on a mountain track in the splendid landscapes of Khangai.

  • We'll discover the activities bound to the preparation of traditional dishes, and of course we'll see the animals in another environment.

Breakfast: Made by your team
Lunch: made by the family
Dinner: made by the family
Khangai - Bayasgalan family
2h - 60km

Day 10 - 11Breaking and training a horse

Khangai - Bayasgalan family - Tariat

Day 10

  • We join Munkhsukh, a horses breeder, who will teach you how to break a horse and how to train it. Munkhsukh makes his own harnesses.

Day 11

  • Road to Khorgo – Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur Natural Park that is located 2060 metres (1,28 mile) above sea level. This lake, called "the great white lake", and its whole volcanic surroundings, are the emblematic area of the province of Arkhangai. The waters of the lake are full of fish and it's possible to fish if you wish.

  • Hiking along the banks of the lake. We go towards Southeast where Khorgo Volcano reaches its highest point at 2240 metres (1,39 mile). (Easy) ascent of the volcano. From the top, we enjoy a splendid view of the lake and the surrounding hills. Nearby the volcano, stunning lava flows form an original landscape never seen up to now.

Breakfast: Made by your team
Lunch: Made by your team (11)
Lunch: made by the family (11)
Dinner: made by the family
6h - 260km

Day 12Visit of the former capital of the Mongolians

Tariat - Kharkhorin

  • Journey to Kharkhorin, the former capital of Mongolia. The legendary city of Genghis Khan was founded in 1220 and was one of the stages of the silk road. The Mongolian Empire was governed from this city until Kubilai Khan set up the capital in Beijing. Today, there are only a few vestiges left of the former capital.

  • Visit of Erdene Zuu Monastery, built in 1586 by a nomad prince. The Chinese and Tibetan-inspired buildings are surrounded with 108 sacred stupas. Visit of the Museum of Kharkhorin.

Breakfast: Made by your team
Lunch: Local restaurant
Dinner: made by the family

Day 13Back to Ulan Bator

Kharkhorin - Ulan Bator

  • Back to Ulan-Bator. Last herds of wild horses crossing the road outside our dumbfounded eyes, last yurts smoking far away, the steppe will be with us until the last moment.

    Arrival in town and settling in at your hotel, where you can rest a few moments.

  • Rest of the day free. With our guide, you can go and shop in the centre of the city.

Breakfast: Made by your team
Lunch: Local restaurant
Accommodation: 2 stars hotel
Flight back

Day 14Have a nice journey and see you soon !

  • Breakfast at the hotel. We go with you to the international airport of Ulan Bator. The transfer can be organized at the time you want, according to the schedule of your flight.

Breakfast: 2 stars hotel
duration 14 days. International flight not included.

from 1100€ (per person)

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