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Your Travel to Mongolia

The nicest travel experiences to make your Mongolian adventure unforgettable


Sharing breeders’ daily life and discovering the unique way of life of Mongolian nomads.


Horse riding in the huge steppes of Mongolia with Mongolian horsemen, and discovering a country in which horses are in the centre of the culture.


Trekking in the high mountains of Altai, in the area of the world that is the farthest from the oceans, where Kazakh falconers live.


Meeting Dukhans, the traditional reindeer breeder ethnic minority living in the darkest depths of taiga, in the extreme North of the country.


Crossing the Gobi, a legendary desert with lunar landscapes, where you’ll discover breathtaking rocky formations, frozen canyons and sand dunes.


Discovering spirituality of Mongolians, between Buddhism and shamanism, a long-lasting culture that has been coming alive again since the fall of communism.


  • Maita Geismar
    Great trip, maybe the most enriching trip I had the good luck to do until now. The different landscapes turned out to be exceptionally beautiful. The horsemen were attentive, watchful and very welcoming; memorable evenings singing and dancing by the fireside… In short, it’s impossible to summarise the trip in a few lines, it was just fabulous and we’re dying to come back to Mongolia.
  • Huguette Sauret
    The landscapes, the Mongolian welcoming and their way of life so far from our over-consumer society dazzled us, and also the Naadam celebrations… Our trip was tailor-made by Sylvain Recouras with much listening and understanding. Our French-speaking guide was lovely and very interesting. We particularly enjoyed life among nomads despite rather rustic conditions. The defining moment was definitely the Naadam, and especially horse racing. And is it luck, or is it more usual than what guides normally say, but we had no incident at all, neither technical with the car, nor any other. We just can recommend this agency to anyone wishing to go to Mongolia.
  • Annie & François Lelandais
    For our nine-month self-sufficient trip with eight countries to visit, we called on Horseback Adventure for a North - South crossing of Mongolia. Back in France, all our friends ask the same question “Which country most left its mark on you?” and we invariably answer Mongolia. Our three-weeks trip with Bayaraa, endearing guide knowing very well the rural culture of his country, and Yatma, our so kind driver, were extraordinary. Varied landscapes, unexpected encounters, very kind thoughts during the pony treks, putting up a ger, the food, the sleeping equipment… All was on top, and even more if we compare to the other experiences of our trip. Sylvain gave us excellent advice about the choice of our itinerary, regarding to our strong expectations.