10 reasons to choose Horseback - Horseback Mongolia
10 reasons to choose Horseback

10 reasons to choose Horseback

You're still hesitating about your agency? Find below 10 good reasons why you can trust us.

  1. AN AGENCY SET UP IN MONGOLIA We live all year long in Mongolia. We love this country and know it perfectly since we live here in summer and winter. It's the person who helps you to organise your trip who has located and prepared the route.

  2. A ROCK-SOLID AVAILABILITY We are with you from the conception of your trip until your departure from Mongolia, and even after. Whether it be by email, phone, or live in Mongolia, we commit ourselves in making your adventure a réussite.

  3. A TOTAL INVOLVEMENT IN YOUR TRIP We know that travelling in Mongolia is an investment for you and quite often a dream that comes true. Your satisfaction is essential and we watch each detail for you to understand Mongolia as we know and love it for years.

  4. UNDERSTANDING NOMADISM We think that Mongolia mus be experienced instead of being “seen” or “made”. We prepare our tours in this optique, with many nights in yurts at guest families'. We give a great place to exchanges between you and the local inhabitants, for you to discover the first richness of Mongolia: its people.

  5. EXCEPTIONAL TEAMS This is one of our greatest proudnesses... We managed to create and to keep skilful and loyal teams. This is probably explainable by above average salaries, but also by a great respect between all the members of the team. We work together and everybody feels concerned by the success of your trip.

  6. HIGH-QUALITY EQUIPMENT Whether it be the mess tent, come from Nepal, your Northface or Forclaz tent, come from Europe, or your sleeping bag, from the Mongolian army, equipment are carefully selected to resist to climate conditions of Mongolia. We have our own warehouses.

  7. VARIED AND UNIQUE FOOD For the meals during your stay, we innovated by sterilising some conserves made in advance by our own cooks. This allows us to propose you a great variety of dishes and a greater balance between Mongolian and Occidental dishes. We have our own kitchens.
  8. BECAUSE OTHERS TRUST US What nicer reward than trust French and Canadian professionals from tourism give us year by year? Especially as we work with tour operators that have a very good reputation in their own country.

  9. A TOTALLY SAFE TRAVEL Choosing Horseback Adventure is avoiding many problems and being sure to enjoy high-quality equipment and optimal consideration of your safety. Today, for example, we are the one and only agency of the country that systematically provides a riding helmet for pony treks. We have a satellite phone Iridium for our self-sufficient treks and rides.

  10. NO HIDDEN PRICES The price mentioned is the one you'll pay. You can pay your trip online with your Visa or Mastercard, with no extra. No bank fees, and you don't need to bring cash when you come to Mongolia. You also benefit from repatriation insurance included in the payment with your card.

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Parfum the Mongolie
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Parfum the Mongolie
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