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Mongol Shiltgeen Hotel

The Mongol Shiltgeen Hotel is located in the village of Gachuurt, 40 kilometres from the airport, 20 kilometres from the centre of Ulan Bator. This four-stars hotel is located in a picturesque landscape by the Tuul River. Its architecture will remind you the former capital Kharkhorin. You go in by the Northern main door, then arrive in a spectacular hall with high ceilings and red brick walls, reminding the "Forbidden City". The restaurant is in the centre of the site. It was designed as an old temple's pagoda. Very spacious, it has high ceilings and panoramic windows and you'll eat enjoying a wonderful view on the whole hotel. You'll notably see sculptures and wooden furniture typical of Mongolian traditional craft work. The restaurant can serve up to 250 persons and also has a nice 500-square-kilometre terrace.

The hotel has 108 rooms with modern equipment and nice furniture. All the rooms and yurts have different furniture and you will visit many of them before choosing yours.

You may also choose among the ten small suites called "khaan" and stone yurts.

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