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Wedding benediction

For your honey moon, you can live a unique experience that will stay engraved in your memories for the rest of your life .

To celebrate their marriage, Mongolians living in Ulan Bator go to Gandan Monastery in order to feed pigeons - giving to weaker beings is supposed to bring happiness and opulence -, in order to ask lamas to read prayers blessing their marriage, and of course in order to immortalize this moment in front of the main symbol of the city : its monastery.

Wearing a Mongolian tradition costume, you will be led to Gandan Monastery. First, you'll meet a lama who'll read sacred texts and will bless your marriage. Then you'll go on the square outside the main temple to feed pigeons and be photographed. A professional photographer will come with you for this occasion, so that you'll have a lifelong memory of this day.


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