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National history museum

The National History Museum, formerly named “Museum of the Revolution”, opened in 1991. It has important collections of nomadic or sacred art, craft industry, and domestic and technical objects (used for breeding, for example), and is a very good introduction to the history of Mongolia from Prehistory to nowadays. Among the 15.000 museum pieces, we can notably see some carpets and silk objects dating back from the Huns period, and some leather boots belonging to a Mongolian soldier of this period.

The first floor is dedicated to the old history, with a beautiful collection of petroglyphs and deer stones, and some exhibitions of Xiongnu and Uyghur funeral sites.

The second floor shows clothes, objects, and jewels, of the different Mongolian ethnic groups. An entire gallery is dedicated to the exhibition of the traditional costumes, hats, and jewels, of the different Mongolian ethnic groups.

The third floor will delight the lovers of Genghis Khan and the Mongolian hordes. The collection includes the letters between the Pope Innocent IV and Guytik Khaan, written in Latin and Persian, dated the 13th of November 1246, and bearing the stamp of the Khaan. We can also see an exhibition about the Mongolian traditional culture with, notably, a furnished yurt, tools for traditional agriculture and domestic life, saddles, and musical instruments.


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