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Shargaljuut spa

Located in the Erdenetsogt district of Baynkhongor province, Shargaljuut Spa counts over 100 hot springs rising from the granit talus of the namely river. Spread over 2 ha area, these springs are among the hottest of the country due to the surrounding dormant volcanoes. Shargaljuut is well-appreciated by Mongolians for its therapeutical treatments. 6 to 7 million liter of water gush up everyday from these springs. During summertime, the Spa welcomes more than 500 visitors and in wintertime around 300. The complex includes a few hotels, a clinic, fitness center, restaurants and entertainment activities. In fact, activities or events can be organised upon demand. For the parents willing to relax and enjoy sauna or even Jacuzzi, can leave their kids in the Children’s playroom. Different types of treatments are offered, depending on the nature of the water, its temperature and composition. Treatments such as hot mud bath, embrocation wrapping, mineral water bath…are available.


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