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Uvs lake

Located in the northern part of Mongolia at 800meter high, Uvs lake is the biggest of the country with an area covering 3350km2. Nestled between the high mountains of Khankhukhiim, Tagniin and Tsagaanshuvuut, the temperature range of the lake is between –58°C in winter and +40°C in summer, generating hence the glacier snow-melt, which comes contributing the flow of the water. Listed in the UNESCO heritage site for the diversity of its fauna and flora, Uvs nuur has played a major role in the balance of the world ecosystem. The area is ideal for observing the birds; we currently count 215 migratory bird species hovering on the area such as the white-headed duck. The diversity of the landscapes makes the site outstanding all year long. Despite the magnificence of the steppes and snow-capped summits, we can visit on the southeast part of the lake, the 180km long sandy dunes of Altan. A surface area of 4000km2 is then covered by the sand. This desert is the most northern one in the world.
On the surrounding of the lake come the nomadic families to let their herds graze. A picturesque vision of Mongolia.

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