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Animated film about Mongolia

Animated film about Mongolia

Feb 05 2016

For those who followed us on the blog of Mongolia trips, you will probably remember the beautiful infographics we released some months ago introducing Mongolia's key facts. If you are newcomers here, do not worry, you are excused, but you can still see it there!

Because a simple graphic cannot necessarily talk to everyone, and as Horseback Mongolia loves challenges, we are proud to present you today our new original creation: an animated film! This is for your eyes only, and what's better than proposing you this on 2 different platforms that you love so much: Youtube or Vimeo. Don't forget to activate HD feature while you are watching!  





    As you can see, this short animated film is here to present general facts about Mongolia that you might not have known!   Mongolia is a large country located in the East of Central Asia, borded by 2 great countries that are Russia and China. Mongolia is as large as 3 times the size of France, and about 6 times the size of the United Kingdom Mongolia is one of the highest countries in the world, with an average elevation of 1500 meters above sea level. Its average temperature is between 10 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius during summer, and can drop to -40 degrees Celsius in winter. Mongolia is known as the "land of the eternal blue sky" as it has over 250 sunny days a year. It's also home to the last nomads on earth, about 30% of the population. The population of Mongolia is 3 millions, making it the most sparsely populated country in the world! 1,4 million of them are living in the Capital: Ulan Bator. The official currency is the "Tugrik" and the main religion is Tibetan Buddhism. Mongolia is a democratic country. It has held a parliamentary republic since 1990.  The biggest event is the "Naadam festival"  which is held every year from the 11th to the 13th of July. The 3 main sports are played during these games: archery, horse racing and wrestling.  Mongolia is the country of Genghis Khan, who founded the largest Empire in history.  Mongolia has a high diversity of landscapes, including green steppes, hot deserts, white mountains and clear lakes.   For more information about Mongolia, we invite you to read our page Mongolia Travel Tips or any other page on our website that can give you a better understanding of the land of Genghis Khan! Hoping you enjoyed this animation, feel free to comment on it, and share it around if you liked !


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