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Experiences for people over 60

Mongolia is a land of adventure accessible to everyone, regardless of their age. Its wild nature as well as these breathtaking landscapes make it an increasingly popular...
Oct 02 2020

Meeting the Kazakh Falconers in Mongolia

In the middle of the mountains, glaciers, and steppes of the Altai, in the far west of Mongolia, between China, Russia,...
Sep 22 2020

Shamanism in Mongolia

The Shamanism is not a religion or a way of life. It is a set of beliefs dictated by a holistic and animistic view of the world. Present in Mongolia since the dawn of time,...
Jul 27 2020

MIAT Mongolian Airlines

The largest airline in the country is the MIAT Mongolian Airline . The airline is based in the capital of the country Ulaanbaatar at the local airport "Chinggis Khan International...
Jul 20 2020


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