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Getting an extension of stay

Getting an extension of stay

Apr 02 2015
Since 2014 travellers don't need visa to come to Mongolia. But those who want to stay in Mongolia between 30 and 60 days must ask the immigration office for an extension of stay. This is the procedure near the immigration office. So you're adviced to ask the extension stay within the first days following your arrival, even if we noticed that the immigration office is getting less and less strict towards latecomers and if you should not have problems to get your extension even if you ask it too late. How to go to the immigration office? You can go there personally or someone can go there for you. The immigration office is about 1 kilometre before Ulan Bator international airport. Count on about 20.000 MNT to go there by taxi (and the same amount to come back), or take the bus number 22 at Ard Kino stop or on Peace Avenue outside the post office. The immigration office is open from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 17. Which documents do I need? To get the stay extension, you must provide:
  • a hand-written letter, in English or Mongolian, explaining why you want to extend your stay in Mongolia. Thisis not so difficult, and you can give hackneyed explanations such as "I'd like to spend more time among nomads to discover their life style", or "I'd like to go in one place and I need x days";
  • one ID photo;
  • your passport;
  • money to pay the extension (only tugruks).
How much does the extension cost? The stay extension costs:
  • 27.000 MNT (about 13 euros) for an extension of one week. Please note that it's not possible to extend for a time shorter than 7 days;
  • 3.500 MNT per day from the 8th day.
For example, if you want to stay 42 days in Mongolia, you'll have to pay: nothing for the days 1 to 30 + 27.000 MNT for the days 31 to 37 + (5 x 3.500 MNT = 17.500 MNT) for the days 38 to 42 = 44.500 MNT (about 22 euros, 16 GBP, 24 USD) for your 42 days-stay.

How long must I wait before getting my estension?

Good new! You'll getr your stay extension the same day. You will just have to be a bit patient on the spot, but you won't have to come back to the immigration office to get back your passport. Count on about 1.30 hour/2 hours according to the number of persons. You're adviced to go there as soon as it opens, there is much less people in the morning.

Who can do this for me?

Anyone can go to the immigration office in your place, so your agency can do it for a low price. We can write your letter and go to the immigration office. In addition to the extension fees, we'll ask 20 euros (15 GBP, 22 USD) for our transportation cost and 20 euros (15 GBP, 22 USD) for the first passport (10 euros (7,5 GBP, 11 USD) for each extra passport).   It's easy and cheap, so why don't you stay longer in Mongolia?  


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