Ice festival, the event not to be missed - Horseback Mongolia
Ice festival, the event not to be missed

Ice festival, the event not to be missed

Mar 15 2016

For it is 17th edition, the Ice festival was held on the frozen waters of Khuvsgul Lake on March 3 and 4. Horseback team brings you back the event in pictures that we hope will please you at most. Despite the bad weather forecast, the festival maintained its 2 days of festivity to enjoy at best winter activities. This year, 8000 visitors attended the festival, as well as 70 handcraft traders. A complete program for the pleasure of your eyes.

On the way to the lake, you'll be surprised by the numerous motorbikes coming over, despite the harsh cold...
Of course, ice festival is mainly about ice sculptures.
No age restriction, everyone is enjoying...
The traditional game of knuckle bones is also in the spotlight, Mongolian version of French pétanque. The principle is to touch with one knuckle bone 3 others set 2.5 meters away. If you succeed, you win  5000T, the equivalent of 2Euro50 … Of course, we play for fun.
Parade of the herders on their horse sledge. A great display of traditional winter clothing.
Horse sled racing on the frozen lake.
A more viril game consisting in breaking in two parts with your fist one bone. A difficult challenge, which does not scare the bravest. For the ones who can success, they hit the jackpot.
Many authentic objects to be found for a daily use: jewellery, knives, furs...
And of course, Mongolia is also about camels...
... and reindeers.

The festival is also the opportunity for the different minorities to gather and exchange. Then, you might see the Tsaatans with their reindeers. If you are lucky, a car will take you to their camp not far away. Hoping these pictures have fulfilled your desire to come over, to not only attend such activities but also get closer to Mongolian culture. It is also a great opportunity to enjoy the country during winter time, for which sceneries are simply breathtaking.

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