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Bird watching

Mongolia is located on the traditional ways of migration between the Pacific and the Indian oceans, until the Mediterranean sea, the Arctic ocean and the tundra. During the migration periods, in Spring and Autumn, the country houses more than 400 species of birds, among which many rare and protected species. We also count 70 important ornithological areas in the country.

In the Gobi Desert, you can see the houbara bustard, the saxaul sparrow, the nine-primaried oscine, the cinereous vulture, and many others.

In the steppes : the demoiselle crane, a species of crests, the vulture, the upland buzzard, the steppe eagle, and many species of falcons such as the saker falcon and the black kite, owls and buzzards.

In the mountains : the lagopus, the sparrow, the magpie, the owl, the bearded vulture, the Altai snowcock.

By the lakes : the Dalmatian pelican, the hooded crane, the relict gull, and the bar-headed goose.

It's not necessary to go very far from the capital to find birds to observe. You can reach some national parks and natural reserves after just a few hours journey, and they offer a stunning show, notably the natural reserve of Gun-Galuut, Lake Ogii, the Khogno Khan National Park or Orkhon Valley.


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