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Khogno khan national park

Khögno Tarna National Park (better known as Khögno Khan) is located at 250 kilometres (155 miles) from Ulan Bator, on the road to Kharkhorin. Covering an area of 47000 hectares, this park contains many historical monuments, forests of silver birches and poplar trees, and sources. The ecosystem of this park is particularly interesting because the steppe and the taiga meet here. So, we can find fauna and flora that have characteristic of these two ecosystems, and also some wonderful landscapes, with the granite formations of Khögno Khan. Created in 1997 as a natural reserve, it became in 2003 a natural park, that is to say, an area protected by the State for its educative, historical, cultural or environmental value.

The sacred mountain of Khögno Khan is a venerated mountain located along the edge of the borders of Övörkhangai, Bulgan and Töv aimags.

Venerating the mountains is a tradition that comes from prehistoric times. Today, the mountains are venerated during national or local ceremonies. Anyone visiting a sacred mountain must bring something as an offering and will probably make a wish for the attention of the Spirit of the Mountain. We can’t climb a sacred mountain without any precise and important aim.


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