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Yak festival

The Yaks Festival is one of the most important festivals in Mongolia. It’s held each year on the 23rd of July, in Orkhon Valley, in Bat Ulzii sum, province of Ovorkhangai.

In Mongolia, the yak has a great value for nomadic breeders. It has many uses and is necessary for the good development of a farm. The yak can carry equipment on its back or tract a cart. Its wood is used for doing clothes, and, as any animal, its meat and milk are eaten. Yaks Festival highlights this domesticated wild animal.

The program of the entire day focuses on the animal : rodeos, milking trials, beauty contest, polo on yak back, and races! This local celebration attracts a lot of people because it’s entertaining and full of surprises! On the occasion, Mongolian people wear their nicest traditional clothes to attend or take part in the different games and trials.

It’s a very important day in Ovorkhangai and you won’t get away without seeing it if you come in Orkhon Valley during that time. We study the dates of many programs in order to come in the valley right at that time. Ask more information !


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