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Khuiten Peak

Khüiten Peak is the highest summit in Mongolia. It is located at the very west region, in the Tavan Bogd Mountain range, marking the border with China. It is part of the chain of 5 mountains, which represents 5 saints in the country, for which every of them has a name: Khuiten being “cold”, Burgd “the eagle”, Olgii “cradle”, Malchin “the herder” and Nairamdal “friendship”. The summit is at 4376m above see level, and has been ascended by the first time in 1963 by an expedition mandated by the Mongolian Government. It is at the heart of the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park in the Altai range of mountains. In this region, it is possible to observe wildlife: lower to the summit, some green pastures, as well as animals like the lynx, some foxes, and falcons are possible to spot. This summit is extreme in every way, where temperatures average below zero all year long. As the air is getting rare at this altitude, only experienced climbers are venturing to this yet wonderful area, making a more unique adventure. The best period of the year to climb is between June and August. From the top, it is possible to see the biggest glacier of Mongolia, the Potanine that stretches over 19km long, as well as other summit located in Russia and China.

The entire region of the Altai mountains chain has not changed since the last glacial period that ended about 11,000 years ago.


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