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Galuut Canyon

The Galuutyn Khavtsal or Galuut Canyon is located near the Khangai National Park, at about 85km (53 miles) North west of the main city of BayanKhongor, at the center of the Galuut Sum. At the very center of a depression on the land, that creates numerous lakes and rivers, this canyon is one of the most impressive in Mongolia. For thousands of years, the river Galuut Gol « goose river » eroded this piece of land to the point of a gigantic 350 km long canyon. This actually contrasts with its narrow 1 meter wide at some point, creating a throbbing noise that can be heard from far away. Distracting from the quiet steppe around makes this place truly unique.

Also this region is famous for its concentration of migrating birds, and the thermal sources of Ar’had, as well as archeological value of its land. Near the canyon, it is possible to observe petroglyphs and deer stones. It is possible also to see nearby ruins of the Mandal Monastery, built in the 17th century, with beautiful buddist paintings on some rocks around.


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