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Ikh Bogd Mountain

It is in the Gobi Altai Range that Ikh Bogd mountain is found over its 50 km long. Set in a land where steppe and desert come together, this rock formation imposes itself from its 3957m above sea-level, offering hence diverse contrasts with the different existing reliefs. Following an earthquake of a magnitude 11, which hit the region in the 50’s, a 270 km fault emerged going from the North of Baga Bogd to the top North of Bayan Tsagaan. Consequently two small lakes were created : Oyut and Binderya. The first one stretches over 200m for 170m wide, reaching a depth of 25m. As for Binderya lake, it covers an area of 275m long against 100m wide, with a low depth of 14m. In the Ikh Bogd mountain counts 10 big caves, of which Tsagaan is the biggest of all. Long of 38 km and wide of 5 meters, reaches an height of roughly 10 m in its core. According to historians, people used to live in these caves 700 thousand years ago.

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