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Manzushir monastery

Surrounded with a forest of Siberian birches, the ruins of Manzushir Monastery (destroyed in 1938), are located 5 kilometres (3 miles) Northeast Zuunmod, the capital of Töv aimag, and South of the strictly protected area of the Bogd Khan (mountain range that reaches its highest point at 2256 metres (1402 miles)).

The site is composed of a hundred or so granite rocks broken away from the mountain and scattered in the forest. Many Buddha are painted on the rock ; one of them is two metres (6,56 feet) high. We also find a big bronze cauldron dating back from 1726, weighing 2 tons (4409,25 pounds) and having a capacity of 1800 litres (396 imperial gallons, 476 US gallons). The site has been protected since 1971 and the paintings of Buddha since 1994. Built between 1733 and 1747, the monastery initially had only one temple. When the second Javzavdamba was recognized in 1750, the monastery enjoyed some facilities made by his disciples. In 1770, was set up the Shar Khuree that hosted in 1919-1920 the seat of the eighth Javzandamba, the Bogd Gegeen. The temple Seruun Lavrin was restored in 1994 and today the entire site is the subject of a project of redevelopment.


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