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Naadam Festival 2015 Program

Naadam Festival 2015 Program

Jul 09 2015
Naadam Festival 2015 will be held from Friday July 10th to Sunday July 12th to celebrate the anniversary of the Mongolian revolution of 1921. This festival is the biggest traditional event in Mongolia, during which the three major contests occur : Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and archery. Of course, the most important festival takes place in Ulaanbaatar, but many Naadams are organized through Mongolia. Please find below the program for Naadam Festival 2015 in Ulaanbaatar :  


                        July 1-25
10:00-22:00 Beautiful Mongolia Exhibition Mongolian Arts Gallery
                      July 7th, Tuesday
9.00-19.00 Uriankhai Archery Archery Field
                     July 8th, Wednesday
9.00-18.00 Buriad Archery Archery Field
                 July 9th, Thursday
9.00-19.00 Children Archery Archery Field

July 10th, Friday

8.00-11.00 4 years old -Horse Racing Hui Doloon Hudag
08.00 Ankle Bone Preliminary rounds Ankle Bone Pavilion
10.30 Wall Archery Starter Games Archery Field
10.00-11.00 Ceremony to commemorate State Flag Day Chinggis Square
12.00-12.30 Flower Ceremony at the Sukhbaatar Statue and Chinggis Khaan Memorial Chinggis Square
14.00-16.20 2 years old -Horse Racing Hui Doloon Hudag
14.30-18.30 Wall Archery Middle Games Archery Field
15.00 State Concert to Commemorate 2224th Anniversary of New Regime, 809th Anniversary of Ikh Mongol State, 94th Anniversary of People's Revolution Chinggis Square
19.00 Deel Festival - Mongol Naadam Chinggis Square
21.00 Ceremony to Honor State Banner Chinggis Square
22.00 Three Heads Opera Chinggis Square

July 11th, Saturday

8.00-11.40 Stallion Racing Hui Doloon Hudag
10.00 Ankle Bone Semi-Finals Ankle Bone Pavilion
10.00 Ceremony to Deliver State Banner
11.00 Ceremony to Deliver State Banner to Stadium
11.10 Opening Speech by President of Mongolia
11.20 Opening Ceremony of Naadam Festival
11.30 Opening Ceremony of Ankle Bone Ankle Bone Pavilion
12.00-15.00 Wrestling 1st round Stadium
12.30 Ankle Bone Semi-Finals Ankle Bone Pavilion
13.30-14.00 Naitonal Archery Show Archery Field
13.30-16.00 Youth Wrestling 1st round Stadium
14.00 Opening Ceremony at Hui Doloon Hudag Hui Doloon Hudag
14.00-17.00 Older Horse Racing Hui Doloon Hudag
14.30-16.30 Wall Archery Final Game Archery Field
15.20-18.00 Wrestling 2nd round Stadium
16.20-18.00 Youth Wrestling 2nd round Stadium
16.30-20.00 National Chip Archery Starter Games Archery Field
21.00-23.00 Ulaanbaatar Evening Concert Chinggis Square
23.00 Fireworks Chinggis Square

July 12th, Sunday

07.00-9.20 5 years old - Horse Racing Hui Doloon Hudag
08.00 Ankle Bone Finals Ankle Bone Pavilion
08:00-12:00 Chip Archery Middle Games Archery Field
9.30-11.00 Wrestling 3rd round Stadium
10.00-11.00 Youth Wrestling 3rd round Stadium
10.30-12.30 Colt Racing Hui Doloon Hudag
11.20-12.40 Wrestling 4th round Stadium
11.20-12.40 Youth Wrestling 4th round Stadium
12.00-13.40 Chip Archery Final Games Archery Field
12.30 Ankle Bone Awarding Ceremony Ankle Bone Pavilion
13.40-14.00 Best Archer Final 8 Archers Competition Archery Field
15.20-15.30 Awarding Ceremony of Archers and Ankle Bone Game Winners Stadium
15.20-16.00 Wrestling 6th round Stadium
15.20-16.00 Youth Wrestling 5th round Stadium
16.10-16.40 Awarding Ceremony of Horse Race Winners Stadium
16.40-17.10 Youth Wrestling 6th round Stadium
16.40-17.20 Wrestling 7th round Stadium
17.25-17.45 Awarding Ceremony of new State Falcon Stadium
17.50-18.40 Wrestling 8th round Stadium
18.35-19.05 Youth Wrestling 7th round Stadium
18.45-19.00 Awarding Ceremony of new State Elephant Stadium
19.05-19.35 Wrestling 9th round Stadium
19.40-19.55 Awarding Ceremony of winners of Wrestling Stadium
19.55 Closing Speech by President of Mongolia Stadium
20.00 Naadam Festival Closing Ceremony
  as you can see there will be many activities you may attend : horse racing, archery, wrestling... but also lots of ceremonies, concerts and fireworks to celebrate this major event in Mongolia !


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