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Sands of Gobi

Go by train to South Mongolia. Looking out of the window, discover the changing landscapes, and take the time to talk with your Mongolian neighbours. This adventure by train, between encounters and amazement, will lead you to Khamar Monastery, an energetic centre very famous in the Buddhist religion. You will discover caves of meditation and surprising places of worship.

This short stay will also lead you to the heart of the life of a nomad family, Bactrian camels breeders in the Gobi, with whom...

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Day 1By train in the Gobi

Day 1By train in the Gobi

Ulan Bator - Sainshand

  • Transmongolian until Sainshand. In the train, Mongolians are the great majority of the travellers, so a "local atmosphere" is guaranteed ! For lunch, we will picnic in the train. All along the journey, we can enjoy the splendid landscapes of the Mongolian steppes. Arrival in the early evening.

Meal and accommodations
Lunch: Made by your team
Dinner: made by the family

Day 2-3Shambala and nomadic life

Day 2-3Shambala and nomadic life

Day 2

  • Visit of Khamar Monastery. The famous Mongolian teacher and man of letters Danzanravjaa created this monastery in the 1820's. It was an important centre of the Buddhist "red sect".

    North of the monastery, we will see some meditation caves.

  • Visit of one of the most sacred places in the Buddhist belief, the Shambala, entrance of an utopian world ruled by joy and harmony. This energetic centre has become a popular place of pilgrimage in Mongolia.

  • Camelback trekking in the desert landscapes of the area of Sainshand.

Day 3

  • Those who wish can go horseriding in the neighbourings of the nomad camp of Gobi.

  • Visit of the Museum of Danzanravjaa.

  • In the evening, we emnark on the night train towards Ulan Bator. We spend the night on the train, in comfortable berths (one cabin for four persons). Arrival at the capital the day after.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Made by your team
Lunch: Countryside home stay
Dinner: made by the family (2)
Dinner: Own (3)

Day 4Back to the capital

Day 4Back to the capital

  • Transfer from the station to your hotel, located in the centre of Ulan Bator, where you can rest.

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