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Pony trekking

Mongolian horses are small, rustic, and very resistant horses. They are between 1,40 and 1,45 metres (4,59 – 4,76 feet) high at the withers, which is, according to occidental standards, the size of a pony. They prove to be pleasant to guide and they very well obey orders. But you will have to cue your horse to turn with the neck rein system and to mount up in the western style.

Our horse treks in the "discover" tours usually last one day or a few hours and are open to beginners. The local equestrian guides who supervise the trek will lunge the persons who could feel least comfortable and the children. The youngest children will be able to sit on the same horse as the Mongolian horseman. Generally, we ride at a walking pace. But those who wish will form a second more experimented riders group and try to trot along or break into a gallop. In all the cases, you are never obliged to do the trek and the persons who might not want to ride can do the trek walking, and the vehicle is always at disposal.

For our equestrian tours in which the treks last several days, you must be a rider, even if all the treks don't need the same level. Please contact us to know what type of trek will best suit your skills and expectations about your stay in Mongolia.

For your safety, please read the following general advices:

  • You must mount up on the horse by the left side; wait for your horse to be hold before going on it.
  • You must do the first miles in a mild tempo. Horses puff out their belly when they're girthed and generally, it's necessary to re-girth your horse after 15-20 minutes. If you go too fast, your saddle could turn and your fall is sure.
  • It’s greatly not advisable to take off or put on a cloth (jacket, hat) while you're on a moving horse.
  • It’s not advisable to take pictures, notably with flash, while you're on the horse.
  • It’s forbidden to take pictures with flash of someone who is sitting on the horse.
  • It’s greatly not advisable to wear a loose cape, because the sound of the wind inside the cape frightens the horses.
  • You’re advised to wear equestrian boots. Anyway, avoid the shoes with thick soles and thick cramps, because they could remain taken in the stirrups in case of fall.
  • It’s greatly advisable to bring a pair of gaiters if you have a horse trek lasting several days.
  • It’s obligatory to wear a riding cap. If you don't have some, we will provide you one on the spot.
  • It’s strictly forbidden to wear spurs.
  • At the end of the trek, it's obligatory to not directly stop the horse, but to go on slowly with it, to help its organism to find back a normal tempo. Fifteen minutes should be enough.
  • For the pony trek in Altai, more than 2000 mètres (1,24 mile) above the sea level, with a pass at 3600 metres (2,24 miles), bring some medicine against mountain sickness.

The saddles provided are Russian-type, composed of a leather cushion on a wooden frame. These saddles are comfortable and suitable for the structure of the Mongolian horse. For the equestrian tours, we also have English saddles for the persons who prefer them. Please, ask us before the beginning of the stay.


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