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The Mongol Nomadic camp

At only 55 km away from the capital city Ulan Bator, you can enjoy a local stay in yurts at the Mongol Nomadic camp. Located at the West side of the city, towards the natural reserve of Khustai, you will be staying in a very immersive nomadic lifestyle yurt camp around the vast landscapes and rocky formations.

This camp offers all comfort with 24 yurts and 80 beds, toiletry and warm showers. A restaurant serves up to 40 people together with Mongolian traditional delicacies. It is possible to enjoy your stay, with lower prices proposed for children of the age of 12 and under. The camp is opened all year long, for summer and winter seasons.

But the best features of the camp, is to propose many activities based on the nomadic lifestyle of Mongolia. Its organizers propose information about the life of herders and are offered to be discovered:

  • the milking the animals (yaks, goats, mares)
  • the creation of dairy products
  • other animal based products such as felt making, and leather work
  • a nomadic move, when the pack animals are moving the yurts from one location to another using carts

Also, some traditional shows are proposed, with music and throat singing, the mongolian bow and arrow shooting practice and horse show.


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