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Shiveet Mankhan gers camp

Shiveet Mankhan Yurts Camp is located in the lovely area of the sum of Tsenkher, province of Arkhangai, 1860 mètres (1,16 mile) above the sea level. It's 482 kilometres (299,50 miles) West Ulan Bator, 115 kilometres (71,46 miles) from Kharkhorin, and 28 kilometres (17,40 miles) Southeast Tsetserleg.

It was created in 2001 and is open from May to October. Since 2014, the pools have been renewed and transformed into two 35-square metres pools, supplied by the waters of the springs. In the springs, water is 82°C (179,60°F), but it's about 38°C (100,40°F) in the pools.


  • 34 yurts that can host up to 90 persons
  • a restaurant that can serve up to 90 persons
  • a three-storeyed hotel to accomodate our staff
  • 12 showers
  • a room for massages


  • Pony trek
  • Massages
  • Possibility to be photographed in a Mongolian traditional costume
  • Putting up a yurt
  • Traditional dishes to order, notably khorkhog
  • Organization of mini-Naadam
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