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Gobi tour gers camp

Gobi Tour Yurts Camp is located in the sum of Bulgan, nearby Bayanzag Cliffs, hotspot for palaeontology in Mongolia. It's 80 kilometres (49,71 miles) far from "Gurvan Saikhan" airport in Dalanzadgad.


The camp has 25 furnished yurts and can welcome up to 60 persons. 8 water closets, 8 showers, and a sauna, are at the service of the customers. The restaurant can welcome 60 customers. The GSM gris covers the camp.

The following activities are possible :

Gobi Tour Camp is an interesting possibility of accomodation in this desert area where few breeders live. It's not a charming camp, but the comfort is quite satisfactory, considering notably how far and isolated it is.

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