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UB Jazz Club

For the ones willing to enjoy an evening accompanied of music, as its names suggests, this club frequently offers everyday live Jazz or Blues performances. Being restaurant and club at once, let’s take part into this with the artists came on stage.

Ideal location on Seoul Street, the main artery for restaurants, clubs and pubs, UB Jazz club welcomes you at any time of the day. During summertime, you can relax on the terrace, and appreciate the musical notes coming from the inside. The capacity of the restaurant is quite big, allowing to go in groups.

In terms of food, the cuisine is essentially Armenian, with a few Mongolian dishes. A large beverage menu is also offered, for the ones wishing to quench their thirst. Price range is from 6 to 15 USD depending on the dish. In general, the club bustles around 9.30pm either with a guitar scratch, or a smoothly voice to offer to the regulars or new comers a lovely evening. Softened lights and candles on the tables ensure a good atmosphere, especially when Mongolians accompany the artists playing.

Opening hours: from 10am to midnight everyday

Seoul Street 23, Ulaan-Bator 976, Mongolia

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