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Los bandidos

After a few days spent in the steppes, with the same diet…maybe the idea of treating you with burritos or tacos might arouse your taste bud? Therefore why not coming to Los Bandidos to satisfy your desire of eating spicy, in a cozy and friendly atmosphere.Los Bandidos welcomes you with a menu full of choices. Indeed, for those who wish to vary tastes, the menu includes also Indian dishes, allowing a 2 in 1 for the undecided gourmets. So here, expect various savors that can be combined, such as Tandoori chicken, or even Carne asada, while enjoying the smooth flavor of a mango Lhassi. The Hispanic music and wall paintings Olé! Olé! will quickly plunge you into the ambiance for a couple of hours. If you go along with your faithful travel companions, I suggest you to get a variety of dishes that can be shared, since you'll quickly get satiate.

Count about 10 to 15 euros per person for a meal.

Close to Gengis Khan square, it is on Baga Toiruu street that you will find this little restaurant with Mexican colours. Opening hours are from Monday to Sunday, from 12am to 11pm. Sukhbaatar District, 8th khoroo, Building 26, Baga toiruu, 976 Oulan-Bator

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