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What's going on in Mongolia for 2016 ?

What's going on in Mongolia for 2016 ?

Jan 21 2016
Now that you know more about Mongolia and if you have been following us for a while, you should be aware of the rich culture and appealing traditions of the country (if not, please, you have no excuse not to stay more time on our website? ). Every year, plenty of events and festivals are held everywhere throughout the country. From the Tsaatan festival to the Eagle hunting one in Altai, with all the traditional weddings and the most awaited Naadam Festival in July... this will keep your head busy for a while! 2016 will be a good year if you want to attend many events, particularly between June and September when the climate is the best to visit the country. With all the activities you can join, it will not be an easy task to make a choice! The good news is, that we are providing here the schedule for the coming events of the year, insuring you will be part of it!  
Dates Événement Lieu Organisation & Contact
January 1st First sunrise of the year (inside of a train wagon) Bagakhangai District Ulaanbaatar Railway Tourism Bureau. Tel: 976-21-244450
January 15th Camel-riding Polo Festival Baruunbayan-Ulaan soum, Province d'Uvurkhangai Uvurkhangai Tourism association Tel: 976-9905-8710
February 6th Winter Festival in Ulan Bator Ulan Bator National Park Tourism office of Ulan Bator Tel: 976-7010-8687 [email protected]
February 7th - 8th Tsagaan Sar Mongolian Secret History camp. Jargalant soum, Tuv province Nuuts Tovchoo LLC. Tel: 976-7000-0450, 976-9999-3200.
February 8th First sunrise of Tsagaan Sar celebration Gengis Khan Stature (Tsonjin Boldog) Genco Tour Bureau. Tel: 976-11-328960
February 20th - 21st Silver Reeds Winter Festival Buyant soum, Khovd province (western Mongolia) Bureau du gouverneur de Khovd. Tel: 976-9988-3130 [email protected]
March 2nd - 5th Ice Festival Khövsgöl Lake,Khövsgöl Province see the Ice Festival tour we provide
March 6th - 7th 1000 Camels Festival Bulgan soum, Umnugobi province (South Gobi) “Amazing Gobi” tourism association & Umnugobi governor’s office. [email protected] Tel: 976–9907-4355, 9514-4470.
March 22nd Nauryz Celebration of the Kazakhs Bayan-Ulgii province Bayan-Ulgii governor’s office. www.bayan-olgii.gov.mn Tel: 976-9942-9787, 9542-0990.
March 25th - 27th International Tourism Mart 2016 Misheel Expo Centre, Ulan Bator Mongolian Tourism Association. Tel: 976-7000-7820 [email protected]
May 14th World Migratory Bird Day “UB Pond” in Ulan Bator Mongolica LLC & Mongolian Ornithological Society. Tel: 976-7011-0148, 976-9100-0148. www.mos.mn
May 23rd – October 1st (daily at 6pm) National Folklore Concert National Drama Theater, Ulan Bator Mongolian National Song and Dance Ensemble. Tel: 976-11-323954, 8808-8868. www.mongolian-ensemble.com
June 4th Ulan Bator International Marathon Gengis Khan Square, Ulan Bator Ulan Bator Governor’s Office. Ar Mongol Travel LLC. Tel: 976-11-325152. www.mongoliamarathon.info www.mongoliatourism.info [email protected]
June 18th - 19th Gobi Spring Festival Khavtsgait Mountain, South Gobi (Umnugobi province) Nomadic Expeditions LLC Tel: 976-11-313396. www.nomadicexpeditions.com
June 4th - 5th Ulaanbaatour Travel Expo Misheel Expo Center, Ulan Bator Ulan Bator Tourism Department. Tel: 976-70108687, 70148687 [email protected] , www.ulaanbaatour.mn
July (dates to be announced) Sand Festival Ereen Nuur camp, Gobi-Altai province Gobi-Altai governor’s office. [email protected]
Nomadic Fashion Show 13th Century Complex, Tuv province (Giant Genghis Statue) Genco Tour Bureau. Tel: 976-11-328960 [email protected] www.genco-tour.mn
Hunnu Music Festival
Hoomei (throat singing) Festival Duut soum, Khovd province Khovd governor’s office. Tel: 976-9979-3969. [email protected], [email protected]
July 3rd - 5th Genghis Khan Grand Prix (judo) Buyant Ukhaa sports complex, Ulaanbaatar Mongolian Judo Association. Tel: 976-7014-0084
July 6th - 7th Tsaatan Festival Khatgal village, Lake Huvsgul Huvsgul governor’s office & MonTravel LLC. Tel: 976-9838-0909
July 8th - 13th Naadam Festival Nationwide (exact dates to be announced for each city/village) Circuit Festival du Naadam
July 10th Deeltei Mongol Festival (Mongolian National Costume Festival) Chinggis Square, Ulan Bator Ulan Bator Tourism Department & Mongolian Tourism Association.
July 22th Mongolian Felt Making Festival Khujirt soum, Uvurkhangai province Uvurkhangai tourism association.  
July 23th Festival des yaks Bat-Ulziit soum, Uvurkhangai province
July 25th – August 5th International Yoga Festival Baga Gazariin Chuluu Mountains, Dundgobi province Baga Gazariin Chuluu camp. Tel: 976-9959-5555, 9159-5555.
August Mongolian Airag Festival Baga Gazariin Chuluu Mountains, Dundgobi province Dundgobi tourism association & Dundgobi governor’s office.
August 6th - 9th Mongolia Open 2016 (golf) Khurkhree gorge, Bogd Khan National Park, Ulan Bator Sky Resort LLC [email protected]
August 1st - th Sunrise to Sunset Asia Ultra Marathon Toilogt camp, Lake Huvsgul Huvsgul Travel LLC. Tel: 976-9911-2273, 9911-5771
August 5th Journey of 99 little horsemen Tsaidam camp, Arkhangai province Gerelt Erdem LLC. Tel: 976-9916-8971. [email protected]
August 6th - 7th Danshig Naadam Festival Khuin Doloon Khudag, Ulan Bator Ulan Bator Tourism Department. Tel: 976-70108687, 70148687 [email protected]
August 7th The Orkhon Valley Horse Festival Tsaidam camp, Arkhangai province Gerelt Erdem LLC. Tel: 976-9916-8971. [email protected]
August 11th Mongolian Traditional Wedding Buuveit camp, Terelj National Park Tsolmon Travel LLC & Tumen Ekh ensemble.
August 15th Gobi Naadam Festival Khongor sand dunes, South Gobi (Umnugobi province) Gobi Discovery LLC & Umnugobi governor’s office.
September Mongolia Bike Challenge Giant Genghis Statue in the Tuul river valley
September 5th - 6th Ganga Lake Festival Dariganga soum, Sukhbaatar province New Juulchin Tours. Tel: 976-11-319401
September 17th - 18th Nomads Day Festival Bayandelger soum, Tuv province Steppe Nomads eco camp & Gun-Galuut local community. Tel: 976-7018-3498
September 17th - 18th Altai Eagle Festival Sagsai soum, Bayan-Ulgii province Shar Orog Saaral LLC. Tel: 976-9911-0303
September 25th - 30th UB Art Fair Blue Moon Art Gallery, Ulan Bator Ulan Bator Tourism Department. Tel: 976-70108687, 70148687 [email protected]
September 20th Gobi Marathon South Gobi (Umnugobi province) Active Adventure Tours Mongolia LLC & Gerelt Us LLC.
September 30th World Bird Day Terelj National Park. Mongolica LLC & Mongolian Ornithological Society. Tel: 976-7011-0148, 976-9100-0148.
October 8th - 9th Swan Gathering event Sangiin Dalai Lake, Uvurkhangai province
October 1st - 2nd Golden Eagle Festival Bugat soum, Bayan-Ulgii province Nomadic Expeditions LLC & Bayan-Ulgii governor’s office.  
December 1st - 5th Mongolia Ice Challenge Orkhon Waterfalls,  Uvurkhangai Province Mongolia Expeditions LLC & Mongolian Mountain Guides’ Association. Tel: 976-9909-6911.
(source: Gogo.mn)   The most important events of 2016 will be covered in this blog, so stay tuned for coming articles on www.mongolia-trips.com !
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