Monthly Archives: December 2015

    A winter in Mongolia: 10 things to do

    The cold strikes the capital, which is said to be the coldest of the world. And in this month of December here you are, wrapped up in your duvet, lying around like a couch potato.

    I admit Ulan Batar doesn’t have Broadway nor its West End, yet there are still quite a few things to do to make your dull days busy and appealing. Let’s go together through them… Continue reading

    Mongolia to abolish death penalty

    Mongolia is now becoming the 105th country to abolish death penalty, after a vote at the State Great Khural, Mongolia’s parliament and an extended debate. This will officially be applied on September 2016. Continue reading

    Transportation in Mongolia

    Get to different locations in Mongolia is not an easy task, especially when knowing that it does not have a very wide network of roads within its borders. However, it does exit major roads between main cities, like Ulan Bator, Erdenet, Moron, Olgii… covering the equivalent of 1300km (186,411 miles). For those who seek adventure in the wild steppes of Mongolia, then you only need to get out of the roads or cities and everything will be to your liking. Then if you like challenges and total freedom, you can always go on your own and discover the real traditions of the country while residing at local families camps. A visit out of the time in an immense scenery ! Continue reading