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Transportation in Mongolia

Transportation in Mongolia

Dec 11 2015

Get to different locations in Mongolia is not an easy task, especially when knowing that it does not have a very wide network of roads within its borders. However, it does exit major roads between main cities, like Ulan Bator, Erdenet, Moron, Olgii… covering the equivalent of 1300km (186,411 miles). For those who seek adventure in the wild steppes of Mongolia, then you only need to get out of the roads or cities and everything will be to your liking. Then if you like challenges and total freedom, you can always go on your own and discover the real traditions of the country while residing at local families camps. A visit out of the time in an immense scenery !

If you intend to drive within Mongolia, be aware of the chaotic features of the roads. You will be required a set of skills, far from of all the 21st century gadgets that we normally use in our countries. Be self confident, and use strategies in order to master the Mongolian terrain. Once out of the cities, will you find not many signs to regulate the traffic, and you will only rely on your expertise on reading the maps. So be prepared to always have a map of the region you are about to cross. If, like me, you can’t read a map, the best way is to simply require the help of a guide and a driver for your trip to Mongolia. It is the least complicated, and the most efficient solution. Most of the tracks in the countryside are dirt roads, and it is almost impossible to get proper orientation as they are very likely to look the same. Only Mongolian people can find their own way on this terrain, and possibly repair or fix the equipment when needed. You have to see them in action once they leave the city, to pass difficult tracks, rivers and mountains with ease, just what we would expect to do, onboard of a Monster Truck.




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